Haas Commercial 2000 Series

Firehouse doors

The 2000 series from Haas was created with the harshest of elements in mind. These garage doors will not only increase energy efficiency and cut costs but dampen the noise outside. Constructed from heavy gauge steel and polyurethane insulation, these doors will stand up against the roughest of applications.

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  • Manufactured with the Elements in Mind
  • 2″ Thick (R-Value 17.66)
  • Comes in a Large Variety of Panel Designs
  • 19 Colors to choose from
  • Full range of Window Design Options
  • Available with the option to add Full View Glass or a Pass Door
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Hardworking Hardware and Unique Paint System
  • Strength to Keep Noise and Weather out
  • Full Thermal Break to Enhance Energy Efficiency
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Price Range


Available Upgrades

  • Windows and Design Inserts
  • Full View Sections
  • Premium Colors
  • High Lift Track
  • Pass Door
  • High Cycle Springs and Rollers
  • Wind Load Rating
  • Exhaust Port
  • 2″ or 3″ Track
  • Chain Host
  • Keyed Lock
  • End Stiles
  • Cam Safety Device